Learn to manage both aspects ‘life and work’ well without losing out on either. Become more productive, feel happier, and develop stronger relationships with your loved ones.

► Are you failing miserably at balancing your work and personal life?
► Have you forgotten to live while striving hard to earn?
► Do you feel guilty about not paying enough attention to your children?
► Are you compromising on quality time with your family due to work pressures?
► Are you taking work and its tensions back home?
► Fell like you merely try to get through the day?
► Is our health taking a toll due to work pressure?

Program Objectives

► Develop clarity about personal and professional goal and map your actions to them.
► Learn to manage your pace with work pressures and demands
► Improve prioritization and time management and learn to finish your tasks without stretching out.
► Learn to say no to unreasonable demands at workplace and in relationships.
► Develop the ability to tackle with the everyday stress without letting it impact your health.
► Strike the perfect balance between family, friends, self, personal interests, spirituality and career.