Does your young adult deal with?

Anger / Fear / Shyness / Over criticism of self / Lack of confidence / Unsure of oneself / Anxiety /Drugs. Then

This one day workshop is a one-of-a-kind event designed specifically for Teens & Young adults Ages 12+ years. This workshop is must for Young adults who aspire to discover & have relationship with their own self. The day for young adult’s features experiential workshop that provide them the opportunity to enhance their awareness, courage, confidence & self-love and make career of their choice.


With the help of this great experience, Young Adults can

► Overcome Fear, anger & guilt.
► Overcome their limiting belief.
► Create their better Self Image.
► Convert failure to candy.
► Deal with their Self-Limiting thoughts.
► Start Managing Stress & frustration.
► Power of positive affirmations.
► Cultivate self-love & love for others.
► Develop healthy self-esteem.
► Start managing their emotions.
► Strength to deal with competitive world.
► Psychometric Analysis to help them choose best career.
► Balancing Social Media and handling peer pressure.