Relationship Workshop
(Live the life you love)

This workshop will help you to learn essentials of having healthy relationships and art of assertive communication & will help you to learn, how to attract, create & nourish extra ordinary relationships. Relationship just don’t happen they are built.

► Are you not meeting your expectations in relationships?
► Do you feel difficulty or problems in maintaining relationships at work, at home, personal & professional?
► Do you feel dis-empowered in your relationship & want to take relationships to the next level?
► Are you looking for respect and honor in your relationships?
► Are you unhappy or just need fine tuning in your relationships?
► Do you always want to be surrounded by loving & happy people?
► If your relationships not working and feeling hurt.
► Do you feel stuck in your marriage or feeling stressed / depressed?


► You will get present to your subconscious pattern that prevent you from having love & connection.
► You will under line reasons for your conflict.
► Provide information & experiential activities to reconnect & strengthen your relationship.
► It is a self-discovery & self-development workshop design to explore your relationship with yourself & have effective relationship with others.
► This program will help you to acquire skills that will help you to have the relationship which you always wanted.
► These skills will help you to improve your relationships at home, at work, with in your family & friends.
► You will explore different level of relationships at physical level, emotional level, & at the level of soul.


► WORKING PROFESSIONALS who aspire to have work life balance.
► LEADERS who want to have effective relationship with their subordinates.
► HOUSEWIVES keen to enjoy healthy relationships & love for self.
► TEENAGERS who aspire to discover & have relationship with their own self.
► SUPER-AGERS to bridge the gap between generations & will be meaning full for the ► COUPLES looking for loving & caring relationships besides having the honeymoon effect live all the time.
► PARENTS who want to have loving relationship & open communication with their children’s.