Detox Your life

This One day experiential workshop which is going to transform your life.

It does not matter how long you have been thinking as a failure, you can begin the success pattern now.

► Does life feels like Constant struggle.
► Have you tried everything but nothing has work.
► Do you feel you are not good enough?
► Life is difficult.
► Do you blame yourself?
► I will never have what I really want.
► Are you plagued by Negative thoughts?
► My relationship don’t work.


This program will help you to

► Free yourself from Emotional pain and live in joy and happiness.
► Eliminate Negative belief.
► Reprogram your Sub- conscious mind.
► Understanding your barriers for love.
► Loving yourself & others fully and deeply.
► How to reduce stress & start healing now.
► Heal the inner child.
► Release fear, anger and guilt.
► Learn power of Positive Affirmations.


► WORKING PROFESSIONALS who aspire to have work life balance.
► LEADERS who want to have effective relationship with their subordinates.
► HOUSEWIVES keen to enjoy healthy relationships & love for self.
► TEENAGERS who aspire to discover & have relationship with their own self.
► SUPER-AGERS to bridge the gap between generations & will be meaning full for the COUPLES looking for loving & caring relationships besides having the honeymoon effect live all the time.
► PARENTS who want to have loving relationship & open communication with their children’s.